Are you ready to be lean and ripped year-round?

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Do you want to drop fat without losing muscle, gain mass without packing on fat, or need a targeted re-composition plan to completely re-shape your body?

Want to cut through fitness industry myths in order to find an efficient, no B.S. approach to reach your goals?

Want to use lessons from our evolutionary past combined with scientific research to maximize your genetic potential and look, feel, and perform at your absolute best?

DON’T want to resort to extreme drug, supplement, or training protocols to get ripped, but would rather learn learn how your food choices and diet structure can optimize your natural fat-burning, muscle-building hormones and cellular factors?

Been combining high intensity training with a low carb diet, and suffering from low testosterone, impaired thyroid production, and the “skinny-fat” syndrome?

Tired of your life revolving around food, being obsessed with the clock, eating out of Tupperware every 2.5 hours, and want a more flexible plan that better fits your career demands and social life?

Sick of diet plans that are unsustainable, only work for “in-season” professional athletes and fitness models, cause you to yo-yo up and down, and make you feel tired, miserable, and depressed all of the time?

Want a more practical, long-term lifestyle plan that will allow you to maintain a year-round, beach-ready physique, not just a quick-fix plan where you only look good a few days out of the year?


This new multimedia product combines evolutionary theory, scientific research, and Nate’s real world practical experience as both an athlete AND a coach to help you achieve your two main goals — improve overall health and ruthlessly slash body fat.

We’ve combined video lectures with a PDF book to give you the most comprehensive nutritional product on the market today.

After this one-of-a-kind course, you won’t need to continue wasting time seeking out “new” material, or be dependent on additional, expensive online coaching programs. You’ll know everything you need to know to get the job done, and have the practical tools necessary to apply it.

It’s a one-two punch combination to shatter through fat slashing, muscle building barriers!


  • 1 – The Evolution of the Feast (28min):  The Feast is a hybrid dietary approach that combines a variety of nutritional philosophies.  Learn the best principles from bodybuilding & fitness nutrition, Paleo Diets, Sports Nutrition research, and Intermittent Fasting protocols, as well as some of the drawbacks.  Merge these lessons into a comprehensive plan that optimizes health, maximizes body composition, and is a functional lifestyle.
  • 2 – Optimizing Food Choices (42min): Learn more about why food choices matter not just for overall health, but also for the long-term sustainability of a plan.  Get easy-to-remember diet templates based on activity levels and physique goals.  Learn which foods you absolutely must cut, and which ones are more negotiable based on individual response.
  • 3 – Sports Nutrition Numbers (70min): Learn the difference between structural nutrients and energy nutrients.  Get a detailed explanation of fuel dynamics and clear up carb confusion.  Learn why a variety of diets including ketogenic, low-carb but non-ketogenic, carb-based diets, and calorie cycling protocols can each be appropriate based on the metabolic condition.  Step-by-step dietary calculations for a variety of situations and goals included.
  • 4 -The Intermittent Feast Diet Structure (26min):  Learn why most mainstream diet advice is based on fitness tradition and myth rather than scientific necessity.  Learn how returning to our evolutionary past of hunting (exercising) and feasting can improve energy, digestion, and cognitive function; optimize the body’s ability to burn fat during the day, and improve nutrient partitioning and muscle building at night.  Get specific, targeted pre and post-workout modifications.
  • 5 – Natural Hormone Optimization (28min):  Learn why our hormones are ultimately in control of all of our physique enhancement goals.  Learn how food choices, diet design, and dietary structure can all have a positive or negative impact on these fat burning, muscle-building hormones.  Get specific lectures on how to optimize the natural production of testosterone and growth hormone, thyroid and T4-T3 conversion, cortisol, insulin, and leptin.


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  • Lesson 1: Food Choices. Learn exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid for both health and physique enhancement. Food charts and shopping lists included
  • Lessons 2-4: Diet Structure. Learn the details of how the Intermittent Feast structure takes advantage of the sacrifice/reward patterns of our brains, goes along with our natural instincts and social patterns, makes a fat loss plan relatively easy to follow, maximizes fat burning hormones and cellular factors during the day, and improves insulin sensitivity, nutrient partitioning, and anabolic activity at night.
  • Lessons 5-9: Calorie & Macronutrient Calculations. No single diet system works for everyone, everywhere. This section includes targeted calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and dietary fat recommendations based on individual activity levels, metabolic conditions, and physique goals.
  • Lessons 10-11: Pre- and Post-Workout Modifications. Specific recommendations to avoid digestive stress, prevent rebound hypoglycemia, maximize performance, optimize fat burning, prevent catabolic activity, and boost the signals and cellular pathways for glycogen restoration and muscle growth in the post-workout recovery period.
  • Lesson 12: Advanced Calorie & Carb Cycling. Learn how cheat days can make your plan more sustainable for the long-term, why all prolonged calorie deficits evenually lead to plateaus, how to use re-feeds, calorie, and carb cycling protocols to bust through those plateaus and prevent the normal metabolic decline, impaired hormone production, and muscle loss associated with aggressive, linear fat loss diets.
  • Diet Templates. We are all at different starting points and have different physique goals. Get started on the targeted diet plan that most appropriately matches your goals. Detailed calculations, template, and sample diets are included:
    • The Sedentary Fat Loss Diet with Weekend Cheats
    • The Active Fat Loss Diet with Two Carb-Up/Re-Feed Days
    • The Active Weight Maintenance/Re-composition Diet with Calorie Cycling
    • The Active Weight Maintenance/Re-composition Diet with Calorie & Carbohydrate Cycling
    • The Active Muscle Gaining/Bulk Diet

One-Time Payment of $49.99


Nate Miyaki is a fitness author, athlete, and coach. He has run a private personal training and nutrition consulting practice for twelve years, working with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes and models to busy working professionals looking to lose weight and improve health.

Nate or his work has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, LIVESTRONG, Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, and He has provided nutrition seminars and been a guest speaker for several corporate wellness programs including Zynga,, Hanson Bridgette Law Firm, and Stanford University. He is a 2x natural bodybuilding champion and has worked as a model and representative for several fitness brands.

Professional credentials: Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE); Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA); Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA); Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley; Post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology, San Francisco State University




  • FEAST ANYWHERE: Office, Restaurant, Bar, & Coffee Shop Guidelines. The Intermittent Feast is meant to be a practical and sustainable dietary approach that allows you to stay in great shape year-round, not an extreme “competition” plan that requires you to live like a social hermit for months at a time just to get in shape for one day out of the year.Real world diets require practical application strategies and dietary flexibility regardless of your lifestyle or career demands, in order to produce consistent results.Get shopping guidelines, food preparation and storing tips, learn how stay on track with the plan at any restaurant — from fast food to fine dining, discover how what you choose at the coffee shop can be your best weapon or your worst enemy in the war against body fat, and find the right strategy to limit the damage from your drinking nights — both the night of and the day after.Lose the obsessive compulsive dietary behavior, and become a Flexible Feaster.

One-Time Payment of $49.99

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We’re so confident that our system will produce results that we are offering a 60-day, no-risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Simply put, we want you to try the system out as instructed in the materials, experience for yourself how effective it truly is, and if you are NOT satisfied with the results you achieve from your best efforts, just contact us and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

Note: Intermittent Feast is a series of streaming videos and downloadable e-books. After you order you will get instant access to our membership site that hosts these materials. The e-book is formatted as an Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on any desktop Mac or PC, iPad, or mobile device, but you may need a program or application to read Adobe Acrobat PDF ebooks. The Intermittent Feast video series is not available in stores.

If you have a question about Intermittent Feast or are in need of customer support for your purchase, you can reach our help desk via email: info [at] natemiyaki [dot] com. If you are requesting support for a purchase, be sure to include your Clickbank order number, your full name and date of purchase for the fastest service. We regretfully are unable to reply to inquiries requesting free personal nutrition and/or exercise advice.

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